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Vintage Nambé Chip and Dip

Vintage Nambé Chip and Dip

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The Lounge chip and dip by Nambé. Polished metal alloy. Sculptural serving ware. Some surface wear that doesn’t detract 

16x10 and approx 4” at deepest 


Nambe is made by a small group of Santa Fe craftsmen using sand molds. A bowl or platter is broken away from its mold and shaped and polished to a silvery luster that, with age, acquires a patina all its own. Because each sand mold is used only once, no two pieces are exactly alike

The word "Nambé" (pronounced na:m'bei), comes from the Native American Tewa tradition, meaning "People of the round earth." The native people have described Nambé as being "born of the earth and the fertile imagination."





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